Our house rules …

Heart & Soul is a beautiful space to relax, heal, rejuvenate and connect to yourself. As a guest of our community please respect our healthy and sustainable lifestyle and the yogic principles we follow.

Veganism - no meat, fish, eggs and dairy products

One principle most Eastern philosophies have in common is "ahimsa", or non-violence towards all living beings. This is why you won't find any meat, fish and eggs here, and why we also avoid animal products like commercial dairy, gelatine, animal fats etc..

Thanks in advance for not bringing any of the above products to our property and eating vegan for the length of your stay.

No drugs, alcohol and cigarettes - your body is the temple of your soul

Yogic philosophy emphasises health and wellbeing, as these are conducive to higher thinking and elevating our way of being in the world. Thus, intoxicants (drugs, alcohol, nicotine etc.) are not acceptable at our centre, neither in public nor in private. This rule is strictly enforced, as per our booking terms and conditions.

Please make sure to completely abstain from intoxication on and off our property during your stay.

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Cleanliness and serenity - elevating our spirits

Yogic principles emphasise the value of cleanliness and the resulting inner peace and clarity of mind. Therefore, it is a matter of mutual respect to maintain cleanliness in public and private spaces at all times. This includes noise levels: Feel free to listen to music, but for non-yogic soundtracks, please use head phones.

Between 9pm and 7am we remain silent in our rooms and community areas.

Please help us maintain a clean, peaceful and uplifting atmosphere.

Classes, service and other activities - you are welcome!

Every day, we offer plenty of activities and we would love to see you join us. Enjoy yourself, experience, learn, and by all means feel free to ask questions and discuss.

Please note: We start our work day at 6:30am. Silent time at night begins at 9pm.