Simple living …

Heart & Soul is a yogic community, so we aspire to live a simple, clean and spiritually fulfilled lifestyle, role modelling a practical balance between material and spiritual life. Our foundations are built on the Bhakti yoga tradition - the yoga of love and service - which is the essence that runs through the heart and soul of everything we do. It is our aim to provide a clear, nurturing and nourishing space for our guests and community, that allows all of us to come home to ourselves, into a higher level of self-awareness, personal alignment and contribution to the greater good.


We provide an inclusive and open-minded platform for people at all stages of life, practices and backgrounds, to grow and deepen their experience of true health, wellbeing, spirituality and conscious growth. We welcome and celebrate individual differences, knowing that if recognised as strengths and nurtured properly, we can enrich and bring out the best in each other.

Coming from a place of care for each other, the environment and mother earth at large, we work towards creating a completely eco-friendly and sustainable community, that showcases 'simple living, high thinking' and inspires our guests to integrate elements of mindfulness, sustainability and - if they desire - spiritual practice into their own lives.