What yoga means to me

I never expected to be interested in yoga, it had always seemed to me as a series of complicated contortions reserved for the extremely flexible, and so I took my first steps cautiously, practising alone or with the help of a good friend who just happens to be a yoga teacher so as to avoid the intimidation of large classes ...

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Tim Halliday
Green Therapy

The thing that stands out the most at Govinda Valley is the captivating and vast amount of Nature’s Green within and surrounding the property. Virtually every which way you look, you can’t help but be mesmerised …

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Japanese Tea Ceremony

The diverse and ever-changing community at Govinda Valley means that you meet a variety of people, each with their unique experiences to share and lessons to teach. I would like to share one such lesson, learned here from my friend Yadira who recently mentioned to me her morning ‘tea ceremony’ ...

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